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About Cross Shore Capital Management, LLC


  • Cross Shore Capital Management, LLC (“Cross Shore”) was founded in November 2002 and manages funds of hedge funds focusing on long/short equity managers.
  • Cross Shore is wholly owned by Victor Linell, Benjamin Bloomstone and Neil Kuttner, the firm’s managing members.


  • Cross Shore is a Delaware limited liability company with its principal office in Great Neck, New York.
  • Cross Shore is a registered investment advisor with the SEC, CRD # 136650. Please see the SEC website ( to view our Form ADV.
  • Cross Shore is a qualified professional asset manager (“QPAM”). However, please note that at the present time we are not accepting Title One ERISA money.
  • Since the firm’s inception there have been no material changes to the firm’s structure.
  • Neither the firm nor any of its principals or employees derive revenue from any line of business outside of Cross Shore.